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Full Moon Rising - Keri Arthur I loved this book

Why? Well I'm so glad you asked!

Riley is just pure awesome. She's part werewolf (meh) and part vampire (yay). I have never read a novel where that was a thing before. It made her pretty kick ass. And the best part: a lot of bad shit happened to her but she never stopped being awesome.


So, onto the story!

The aforementioned Riley is as I said - half vampire & half were. She has two 'boyfriends' and someone keeps trying to kill her. The world is set in which vampires and weres are out in the open - kind of regulated by humans. Riley is both drawn to howling at the moon and f$@%ing like bunnies - but she also can move very quickly. Which comes in handy when someone is trying to kill you. She also has a new love interest in Oliver - a man who showed up naked, covered in mud on her doorstep.


I won't give any more of the plot away, but it takes some twists. Some of which were predicted It was pretty obvious that Talon was trying to impregnate her before the big reveal and some of which I did not see coming . I really thought Oliver and her would get together.

I think the biggest surprise for me - it totally didn't bother me that she slept with several guys during the book.


So, in summary: If you're in need of a strong female urban fantasy story with a little bit of smut, you should read this series.