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Valiant - Laurann Dohner I love this series. I did not love this book.

In fact from the first page, I hated the main female character. Her name is Tammy, and she is lame.

"She stood frozen,. no matter how loudly she inwardly screamed at her body to turn and run for her life." Geez, overreact much? It's just a New Species guy. All the cool people know about them, why are you being such a pansy?


So the man in question is Valiant, introduced in the last book. He's a man/lion man created by the evil corporation that all you should already know about.

So, during this tense scene where Tammy acts like a moron, Valiant decides that he'd like to bang her. I don't see the appeal, but whatever.


What really bugged me about this book:

-Tammy is carried off by Valiant, and puts up no fight whatsoever. She's just okay with boning a complete stranger. Okay, I guess.

-Tammy makes some super stupid decisions. Like this one:

After it's reported that Tammy has boned Valiant, random men start asking her to denounce the New Species on camera. They're obviously dangerously crazy, but sure whatever, let's do this instead:

"Why don't you follow me to my house and we'll discuss it there."

Seriously... you're going to leave the safety of a public place, around other people, and try to trick them into getting away from them? That'll work out great, and it totally did!


I really struggled with this book, but I stuck it out and I'm excited to get to the next one.