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Slade - Laurann Dohner This is how I feel about this series:


In my opinion, this one wasn't as strong as the first. However, it still sucked me in from the beginning.

What I enjoyed


He's badass. He literally kicks all the bad guys asses. Therefore, I love him.

-The doc. She was pretty awesome. She handled shit pretty well, including some messed up situations.

-The trio protecting the doc. They are hilarious.

What I thought was meh

-Dirty sexy times. Seriously, you're on the run and you haven't eaten, slept or washed... that's kinda gross.

-The fact that they took the doctor to the woods, with hundreds of humans around. I felt that either everyone was stupid or it was a part of the plot full of holes.

Even with all that, I loved the book and I'm onto the next!