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Fury - Laurann Dohner I don't do this often, but I give this book 5 awesome stars!

I mean no book is perfect, but I always judge a book on 1)How much I avoid others while reading it, 2)How long I think about it afterwards, 3)How the first and last page are treated.

Fury was just so interesting to me, and it met all my criteria for awesomeness.


The premise is fairly straightforward. A medical company had created and tested on a new type of cross-breed between animals and humans. They created a new race of people, known as the 'New Species.' These individuals were kept in cages around the US and subjected to horrible conditions.

Enter our heroine, Ellie


She's human and has been approached by the government to be an informant on this company. She then discovers what they've actually been doing, and is completely horrified. While smuggling evidence out, she comes across an evil dude trying to rape one of the test subjects, #416.

Enter our hero, #416 or 'Fury'


She's been drawn to Fury since the first time she saw him.

"Out of all the prisoners, she wanted to free him the most. He had kept her up nights since she'd been transferred to the illegal drug research facility. 416 had become the last image she saw before she drifted to sleep every night."


So, she's able to get the evidence out by screwing over 416. And thus begins the start of a great adventure between Ellie & Fury.

What I loved:
-I loved that the New Species weren't actually werewolves or shapeshifters.
-Society trouble adapting to New Species is believable - makes me think that something similar would happen should scientists create a new type of human being.
-The relationship between Ellie & Fury isn't forced, and it is somewhat believable.
-Fury. Yep, he's dominant and kind of an asshole sometimes. But then he says stuff like this:

"I'm obsessed with her. She smiles and I melt. I want to hear her voice and be close to her."

-Ellie. She's not a human doormat, and killed quite a few a-holes to protect herself and other people. She took on guys with guns with a knife. Just pure awesome.


What I hated:
-Uhh... nothing. Therefore 5 stars.