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Darkness Dawns - Dianne Duvall "I love you. I would spend eternity with you if I could. But barring that, I would settle for every remaining minute of your mortal life, then pray you'll be reincarnated so I may find you again."


I think that may be the sweetest line I've read in a long time. And I didn't feel that it was overly cheesy either!

One night, a random human woman named Sarah witnesses a man being staked through his hands by several men. She saves him and is introduced into a world of immortal vampire-like people. She discovers that Roland, the man she saved, is also one of them. The story itself if full of adventure, passion, and vampire baddies.

It was an intriguing premise and I felt it was executed successfully. And best of all, it really set up the next few novels by seemlessly introducing more of the characters.

What I really liked:

-Sarah. She was feisty, and unique. Genuine and caring - but not a doormat. And she stabbed a dude in the ass.


-Roland. Protective and warm. Completely antisocial. Realistically damaged but not whiny. And hot.


-The differences between the Immortal Warriors and vampires. It was unique.

What I could have done without:

-Insta-love. I was expecting this. Know each other for 2 days and the 'l' word is dropped.

-Sarah absolutely having no existence before meeting Roland. I mean, she barely talks about anything regarding her life. It was a little silly.


Anyway, it was a successful first novel for me - it made me want to read the rest of them.