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Surrender Your Love - J.C. Reed There are some books out there that make you want to never put it down, and then five pages later want to throw it out the window.

Surrender Your Love was exactly this for me. GAH, it was a frustrating but ultimately a satisfying read.

Brook is a boring relator. She sleeps with a random dude at a bar and finds out that he's her new boss. There's attraction and they enter into an agreement to have sex without any issues with her losing her job.

My first thought?

"A sex contract, REALLY? Those exist?"


And my second thought...?

"This is a really really bad idea."


I really enjoyed Jett (random boss dude) but he is the norm; well built, perfect, masculine, dominant, and apparently has a decent wang.


Brooke, I have a few choice words for:


She's boring, but likeable. She's got family issues that were unexpected, but she consistently showed a lack of lady balls. She continually thought one thing and did the other. It was annoying.

"I didn't want to be one of those women who follow a man's every command, and yet I found myself doing as he bid."

Such a pushover, I want to smack her.

However, the main story itself was good. I enjoyed the writing style and the premise. I liked that at the end she actually did develop some lady balls by confronting Jett. I actually like Jett more that he was potentially scamming her. Maybe she wont be so gullible in the next book.