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Escorted - Claire Kent I should have hated this book.

1. Based on the premise, the main character seems desperate.
I hate reading novels about desperate women, with no self-worth.


2. It seems a little ridiculous that a 26 year old, successful romance writer had zero experience with sex.


3. And seriously, no one talked her out of a decision to hire a male escort? Really?


But in actuality, my reaction to this book was:


It was a frickin' good read.

I literally read it in one sitting. I missed sleep, forgot my husband existed and forgot to eat or drink.


It's true, the main character Lori, is a complete mess. It's true the story is a little bit unbelievable.

I really didn't care, because:


Apparently there are men that can pull off the bald look

I loved the way that the beginning of the novel was super awkward. I had never read so many cringe-worthy moments in my life. It was like a train wreck that I didn't want to stop watching.

But as the story progressed and both characters showed more depth, I really was engaged in the story. Unbelievable but still one that kept awake thinking about how awesome it was.

I really did love you, awkwardness and all.