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Blood of the Wicked - Karina Cooper Wow, was a bummer. I really wanted to like this book.

This story takes place in an alternate world where earthquakes killed millions of people. Who's fault are the earthquakes? Naturally... witches.

wha? photo tumblr_lzmi4lmxcm1rn95k2o1_500.gif

Okay, I'll accept that. The solution to the problem:

kill all the witches photo kill_all_the_witches__by_aoihimitsu-d4t9nax.png

Enter Silas, a witch hunter. He's looking for Jessie, the sister of a known witch Caleb, involved with a deadly coven. But, guess what....

witch photo 34457812.jpg

More stuff happens, but ultimately most of it is forgettable. I love dystopia. I love romance. Neither were developed enough for me to really care what happens later.