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Midnight's Master - Donna Grant This is my first experience with Donna Grant. I also have never read a book about Druids before. It was a pleasant experience, but not life-altering. I also felt that because I didn't read the other books by Donna Grant, I was missing some backstory that may have made me make a better connection with the secondary characters.

Gwynn is looking for her missing father in Scotland. Logan is a time-traveling immortal warrior, on a mission to prevent evil from re-awakening in the world. They meet, and team up to solve the mystery.

What I liked:

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-Gwynn. She was likeable, independent and not a hot mess. She got stuff done and was not a pushover.
-Declan (evil dude). He was despicable but oddly intriguing. I'd read 400 pages about him doing his laundry.
-The slow building start of the romance. Sure there was the instant-attraction thing which is typical with paranormal romance, but I felt it was well developed over the course of the story.
-The twist I actually was taken aback that Gwynn's father really did hate her (or at least seemed to). I really expected him to be misunderstood and really one of the good guys. Who's to say what will happen later though...

What I could have done without:

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-The indecision! Oh how I loathe indecision. We all know what's going to happen with the main characters' romance - just make a decision already and move on.
-Logan's bad decision regarding Dierdre. Yeah we get it, you made a mistake and you're punishing yourself and you're afraid your family won't like you anymore. Grow some balls and again... move on with the story.

I changed my rating literally 4 times before I settled on 3 stars. I'll probably more in the series, eventually. I do recommend it for those who like strong heroines and magic.