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Grave Intentions - Lori Sjoberg 3 Grim Reaper-y Stars

David has been dead for a long time. As a punishment for a sin he created while he was alive, he's been made into a Grim Reaper. He has to continually, day after day, watch people die. He sends them to heaven or hell. His afterlife really sucks.

And then he meets Sarah. She's alive and life also sucks for her too. She works as a medical researcher. Every day, she's met with protestors. Also, her boss is sexually harassing her, and threatening to ruin her career. Also, she has a family history of insanity.

There's an instant connection, and the two are drawn together.

The story itself is interesting and fairly unique. But the beginning was very slow going, I had to struggle to keep going. When the two main characters finally met, the story really found it's stride. I only gave it three stars because the romance between the two characters was a little bit slow as well. And because of the beginning. Otherwise, it's worth a read.