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My reaction to this book:

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This was a hard review to write, just because I want to avoid spoilers. So here goes:

A long time ago, in a place called London, the tale begins.

This is a story about Juliet. A once respectable intelligent young lady, rocked by her father's scandal. Her father, a prominent surgeon, is accused of unnatural experimentation on animals. Over time, she is left alone and forced to survive on her own. That is until she runs into Montgomery, her former servant and friend/crush. Ever since she was a child, she's harbored strong feelings for him. Her world is further turned upside down, when she discovers that her father is still alive and living on a small island in the middle of nowhere. Montgomery agrees to take her to him as her life really sucks in London.

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From there the story really begins.

This is a story of love, loss, adventure and questioning what you know. It's at times completely frustrating and others completely riveting. Juliet constantly struggles with her own sanity, own existence and the mysteries of the island she finds herself on. There are major twists and turns, which may not be a surprise to some, but I found myself quite shocked with certain parts of the book. The only drawback in this novel is an unfortunate love triangle between Juliet and literally the only two boys she knows. It was unnecessary and out of place.

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However, even with this - the story is still worth a read. It'll most likely keep you up at night, most likely because it just get's weirder and weirder as the story progresses.

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