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Wicked as She Wants - Delilah S. Dawson image

☆☆☆☆4 Stabbing Unicorn Stars!☆☆☆☆

I seriously love Delilah Dawson. She has quite the imagination.

This is a strange world. A world full of bludded animals - that is... animals that drink blood. And Bludmen who also drink blood. Above all, a royal court of Bludmen who rule over all other Bludmen & Pinkies (the non-Bludmen). So, one day, a Bludwoman Princess is discovered stuffed into a chest, lured out by some beautiful music. The music just happened to come from a character introduced in the last book, Casper. He's a musician who was transported to this world from ours. He has a little bit of a drinking problem, and has a really dumb name.

Casper informs the girl (Ahna), that her country has been taken over by an evil queen, and she's been declared missing for years. He decides to help get her home, and to restore her place on the throne.

One problem is that Ahna is a royal bitch. And she's got this annoying habit of trying to kill everyone for their blood. But either way, Casper and his sidekick (the loveable) Keen, decide to help her get home. They then start a fantastic journey full of blackmailing whores, murderous unicorns, swashbuckling pirates and a very sweet yet bloody romance.

"He leaned over my back. his lips warm against my ear. "You may be a princess, but you belong to me."

I liked the development of all the characters. Each have their own issues, and are struggling to make it through the journey. I loved the slow buildup of the two main character's romance, and hopefully the next one will be even better. Unfortunately, it will be another year until I can find out.