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Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead I was actually surprised by this book, and that's saying something.

A nasty cold had me shut away from all people, and I found this series. I read all 6 books in about 5 days. I found the entire series many things: frustrating, beautiful, romantic, sensual, engaging and predictable. Depending on the chapter, I either loved or hated Georgina and Seth. However, the last book for me was the least predictable.

Maybe it was just me but I absolutely did not predict that Seth had also sold his soul in a previous life. If you had been looking at me when I discovered that, I would have looked like this:


It was also heart-warming in the behavior of Roman towards the end, whom I never really connected with as a character in the first book. I think it shows that Mead is a talented writer if she's able to develop a villain into a hero over a very short period of time.

Overall it was a satisfying ending to the series. I haven't done any research on this to see if it's actually going to happen, but I feel there's a large opportunity for spin-offs on Georgina's friends. I myself would love to read more about Carter.

My reaction to the book: