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Grave Witch - Kalayna Price This was one of the hardest books to rate. In the end I think I rated it at a 3.5

The beginning: ☆
The middle: ☆☆☆☆☆
The end: ☆☆☆

As the blurb says, Alex Craft is a Grave Witch who can raise shades from dead bodies. She's a broke PI, hired to try to solve a mystery. She teams up with a police officer and hijinks ensue.

Synopis done, I had to force myself to continue reading this book until around page 100. The beginning was so tedious and boring. The only thing that kept me going was that there were those on GR who insisted that the story got better. I expect world building in a first volume of a series, but I had a really hard time getting into this particular world. I had some issues with the abruptness of the end.

When I did, I definitely got more invested in the series. Alex wasn't an annoying heroine, and I actually liked her police officer enemy-turned-friend Falin. I recommend this series if you like magic, fantasy or urban fantasy in general.

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