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Unwind - Neal Shusterman description

Wow, just wow.

The next Civil War was fought over reproductive rights, pro-life vs pro-choice armies. To stop the carnage, the government suggested a compromise: abortion was outlawed, but parents/guardians could willingly 'Unwind' any 13-18 year old child. The government stated that 'Unwinding' is not actually death - you would be taken apart and your body parts would be transplanted into other people.

Three children (Connor, Risa and Lev) all become Unwinds, for various reasons. This is their story.

The Good:
The concept was fascinating. Abortion is a concern that most people feel very strongly about, and I like the fact that Shusterman does not condemn nor condone it. The main characters are well developed and the story seamlessly moves from character to character. You can relate to the main characters, and really want them to survive. It's pretty good storytelling when you can hate a nemesis for most of the book, and then feel horribly sad for them later. As other people have pointed out, the Unwinding of Roland is bizarre, horrible and thought-provoking. It's even more so alarming when Connor is given his arm.

The Bad:
This book dragged in some parts, and I didn't have an enormous desire to finish it in one night. I also couldn't stand the character of Lev, I couldn't force myself to care about his fate. Maybe the intention was there that we weren't supposed to like him, but even in the end I didn't care.

All in all, I really recommend this book. It will certainly make you think.