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Oh Lori Foster,


What a great first novel in a new series!

Honey crashes her car through a fence in the middle of nowhere. This is witnessed by our hero, Sawyer. Sawyer being a doctor rescues and is instantly attracted to Honey.

I have to interject the summary real quick and say this:

Honey's name is:

That out of the way now, back to the story...

Honey has a concussion & is in a big hurry to leave. While she's recuperating, she meets all then men that live in this house (4 brothers and Sawyer's son). They all discover that Honey is in danger from some very unsavory characters.

The characters are engaging and original. However, Honey is annoying to no end, but you get used to her. All the men in the story each have their own personality. I can't read to read their individual stories to see who they end up with.

This was definitely chick-lit. But fun chick-lit at that. It was a turn your brain off type of story, with a nice HEA.