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I'll avoid spoilers as much as possible.

I just loved this book.


Now, it wasn't perfect - but really no book is.

Kara has always been a little different. She doesn't work much or have much money - but she hunts rapist and serial killers at night. She heals quickly and is more powerful than her best friend, the witch. One day, a sexy new guy moves into the apartment next to her... and she throws herself at him.

(I was actually a little embarrassed for her at this point - she was pretty desperate, and no one likes to see that)


And then she sleeps with his friend.


Now, I still liked this book even though the main character has some issues. Mostly because she's still badass, she's not a whiner and she doesn't put up with bullshit from men. Unfortunately, there's also a love triangle.

Guy #1, Gavin. Sweet, blonde, law-abiding and well endowed. Guy #2, Julien. Clingy, alpha, dark and also well endowed. How is a girl able to choose?!

Frankly, Kara:

But even with all that, this was an engaging (and steamy) book that I just couldn't put down. The author introduces a new breed of fallen angels, and the action is pretty epic. The book starts out going completely one direction, and then before you know it -- sex in the clouds. Yep, that happened.

This book was great.