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Here's the story:

Meet Kiya:

She is down on her luck. She's been recently unemployed, broke, with a crappy car, and stuck in the middle of nowhere. She's rescued by a random guy and told about a job taking care of his grandmother's dogs. When she goes to the job, she's treated like a dirty outsider - but she is still hired. The grandmother and her sons are weird. She's not allowed to talk to the women and told she can live in a tent far far away from everyone else. She also assumes them to be Gypsies. But they are not - they are Time-Stealers. These people, similar to Gypsies, travel from place to place, stealing (and paying) time from other people. But there is a balance of karma that must be upheld. And then Kiya finds herself living the same thing over and over again.

And meet Peter:

He's also a Time-Stealer, is part of a police unit investigating murders, that potentially may have been done by his own family (the same family that Kiya is staying with). Also, a family that disowned him because he's part human.

I don't want to spoil the rest. But this is an engaging tale of murder, time-stealing, and humor. Kiya is a fun character, a doormat to no-one. Peter is cranky but has real depth of character. The family is a bunch of jerks.

I would have rated it a five, but there were a few things that bugged me.

1) The multiple mentions of id, ego & superego. I mean like on every other page. I get it, your foster mom was a psychologist. Let's move on.


2) Insta-love. I could do without that, but for some reason authors love 'love at first sight' plot devices.


Even with these annoyances, the concept of Time-Travelers was completely unique and I loved (almost) every page. Read this book if you enjoy adventure, puppies and other good stuff.