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Bite Me, Your Grace - Brooklyn Ann 5 Historical-Bitastic Stars

I absolutely loved this book. One of the main reasons: it kept me up all night.

Worth it.

It had all I could have hoped for in a story:

Strong Intelligent Heroine: Check

Sexy Victorian Vampire: Check

Murderous Intentions: Check

And of course, sexy times: Check

The premise is fairly simple; Angelica dreams of being a writer like Mary Shelly. The problem: quite a few actually. Society is the biggest obstacle, since this is Victorian England. Her mother is forcing her to marry, and marry well. She'd rather sit in a room and write. One day, she catches the eye of Lord Ian Aston. Little does he know, she's decided to ruin herself, to avoid marriage. And little does she know, he's an actual vampire.

Ian is currently hunting down another writer, who recently has published a work on vampires, which could expose his entire world. And thus begins the start of a truly engaging and romantic story. It was a really seamless blend of historical and paranormal romance. Angelica is a really refreshing character, and Ian is not an asshole. That's always a plus.

You should read this book, it's super fun.