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Lover Undercover - Samanthe Beck 3 Worth My Time Stars!

The premise is a little silly; but it's also a lighthearted fun. Nothing groundbreaking, but puts a smile on your face because of the sweetness of our main characters.

Kylie is a stripper.


Well, not actually. Her twin sister, Stacy, is the stripper and she recently hurt herself. To make ends meet, Kylie decides to fill in for her at the strip club.

That's some dedication to kind of an ungrateful person.


So, on her first night of stripping (convenient, no?), she has an instant connection to a piece of man-candy. They come into contact (use your imagination here), and they go their separate ways. Now, because Stacy is so ungrateful, and Kylie is such a pushover, she goes back to the strip club and comes across a dead body. And who'd a thunk it... tall, dark and dreamy is actually a cop. And investigating murders connected to the strip club.

The relationship was well paced, not forced and was pretty sweet. It was a good read. Predictable but fun. But seriously, even at the end I still hate Stacy.