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The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas I wasn't going to read this book - the cover didn't really intrigue me and the description sounded a lot like Poison Study. But I liked Poison Study, so I gave it a shot.

I had low expectations, and to my surprise it turned out to be a really good, intriguing story.

Plot: Celaena is an assassin, but somehow was captured and thrown into a salt mine. She's given the chance to become a victor from the prince of the regime that she was previously fighting against. Stuff happens.

The good:


- Female characters in the book are well done, including even the villain.

- Intriguing premise, different than other books - unexpectedly so.

- Action was well written, consistent.

The meh:


- Love triangle. Bleh.

- The Prince's character was not well developed enough for me to care about him as a character.