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A Different Kind Of Fairy Tale - Morgan Rayne 3 Not-a-Fairy-Tale Stars

Stella, (love that name) has always been one of the guys. She doesn't do makeup, fancy clothing and is finally successful. The only problem, she sucks at relationships. Her last boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend.


And now, she lives next to the best looking guy she's ever known, Alex. She's also best friends with him.

Alex, has always been tempted by Stella. But to prevent losing a friend, he decides to not act on his feelings. Until one day, her asshole ex-boyfriend requests to have her photograph his wedding with the girl he cheated on her with. What.A.Dick.


Because Stella has self-esteem issues, she decides to tell her ex that she's dating Alex.

Why I couldn't rate this book higher:

-Stella starts out as a really strong character, she turns into a whiny mess. Completely falls apart when she finds a pair of ladies underwear while at Alex's house. I can't stand reading characters who don't know their self-worth and have to have every other character tell them how awesome they are.

- I personally don't like relationships which start before the book actually begins. I like read the entire development instead of flashbacks.

What I liked:

- Sexy times were hot.
- It was sweet, and I truly felt that these two characters were good for each other.
- It was free :)

Overall, nothing groundbreaking. But it was fun, angsty, and made me smile.