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Once and Again (Petal, Georgia, #1) - Lauren Dane image

What a boring boring book. I struggled to finish it. I skipped through several pages of dialogue. I suffered through chapters where I felt like nothing happened. This book was predictable and ultimately forgettable.

What I liked:
-I liked that the characters in it was realistic and had problems that normal people had. Issues like addiction, rebellion, cheating.
-Lily was an alright - she had balls to stand up to some horrible people in her life. She really cared about her family, and I kind of cared what happened to her in the end.

What I didn't like:
-The writing was so repetitive. The male leads wants to be friends with Lily. He said it like 100 times.
-Pacing was so bad, as I said it was a struggle to make it through.

I know Lauren Dane is a good writer, this was just not for me.