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Eternal Seduction - Jennifer Turner “You, alone, chose and accepted responsibility for your path, and that is why you will leave this chamber on your own two feet.”

This quote, spoken by the 'evil' dude in this book summarizes what I enjoyed about this book. However, it was actually a disappointment for a variety of other reasons; some being the pace, language and lack of action.

So let's meet our characters.



She's a heroin addicted homeless woman. Severely malnourished and dirty. She also has a sense of humor and doesn't blame other people for her crappy way of life.

Lord Vampire aka Kerestyan (whom I'll refer to K from now on, seriously what a name...)


Logan lives on the street, and has seen horrible atrocities day in and day out. She keeps to herself and is barely getting by. Until one day where she witnesses vampires fighting amongst themselves. No one believes her, especially since she's a drug addict. Eventually, she runs into a group of vampires and K.


K is surprised by her ability to not give a shit.


Now, a human being able to see vampire activity is punishable by death - for both the humans and the vampires responsible. He decides to imprison her and is eventually forced to present her to his father - a very old vampire, who will decide her fate.


But the twist is that she must get clean before her fate can be decided. I've never read a romantic detox before - and it was actually very sweet.


Up the point in this story, I was hanging onto every word. I loved Logan and K, while a little flat, seemed like they were a good match. The story really went downhill from here. I found myself skipping through the book just to get to the end. The vampires could turn into dragons, which was risky and a little dumb in my opinion. And there was very little action, and a little too much dialogue with little actually happening. They are still good characters, but the plot itself is too thin and I found myself not really caring what would happen in the end.

A couple other things, the pace and language. The story moved very quickly in some areas, very very slow in others. I found myself having to re-read sentences to try to figure out what the author meant. Some things were heavily descriptive, other things were completely vague.

It's very sad too, because the beginning had such promise. The side characters were interesting enough, so I may pick up the next in the series if only to see where the author plans on taking the story.