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Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione “I wonder what disgusts you more, the fact that I’m a demon, or the fact that when I touch you, it doesn’t matter.”

Eidolon, the demon in question, is pure awesomeness.


The Good:
-Eidolon, like I mentioned before is awesome. He's boring in the beginning but as the book develops he actually gets some personality.
-Tay. She's mind-numbingly dumb sometimes, but ultimately she's pretty kick ass. I like that she only cried a few times, and stuff was really sucking for her.
-Wraith. He's so damaged, I can't wait to read more about him.

The Meh:
-It was predictable, in terms of the romance. And there was very little conflict between them.

There are a million other reviews for this book, so all you really need to know is that this book is good. Based on the premise, I wasn't expecting much. But, it came highly recommended by so many people, and I plan on reading the rest of the series.