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Bonded by Blood - Laurie London A slightly different concept of vampires in a vampire-saturated market. I felt it worked, even with the struggle of introducing a whole-new world and characters. Laurie London is a talented writer, especially for this being her debut novel.

This world is just like ours but includes two factions of vampires. The Darkblood Rogues kill like their ancestors, and the Guardians who protect mankind. Vampires are not immortal and they only need a little bit of blood to survive. So onto the story...

Meet Mackenzie. She's spunky and drives a motorcycle.

biker girl photo triumph-bonneville-blonde.jpg

She is a movie scout, checking out a graveyard. Naturally, she runs into Dominick, a Guardian vampire dying from a Darkblood attack. He's injured, and she's human, you can kind of guess what's going to happen...

vampire photo Damon-Meredith-Fanart-the-vampire-diaries-books-21189945-694-617.jpg

He wipes her mind, but he realizes that she has a special type of blood which is extra-'sweet.' Because it's a paranormal romance, that's not the end of their relationship though. There's an attraction they cannot deny.

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I liked the progression of their relationship. I also felt like the reveal of Dominick being a vampire was natural and somewhat believable. The side characters are interesting and don't take away from the actual story. They have purpose, and I'm looking forward to a book completely about Lily, Dominick's vampire-ex girlfriend.

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