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Don't Bite the Bridesmaid - Tiffany Allee 3 I-can't-believe-this-is-a-vampire-book Stars

This was a fun book, but one I'm having trouble remembering about a week after I read it.

Alice is in need of a date for her sister's wedding on a cruise ship. For some reason, she only knows of one guy she'd like to take with her; her sexy neighbor who never seems to be out during the day.

Yep, he's a vampire.


And actually he really needs to get out of town as his vampire council is trying to make him get married.

Now, my next sentence may sound weird considering I'm reviewing a book about vampires... I really had trouble buying the whole premise of this book.

1) Seriously, there's no one else that Alice can take with her? One that she hasn't made a complete ass of herself with since living next door?

2) Vampires and cruise ships? That's completely illogical, even though he can take the sun for a little bit.

3) Forced vampire marriages? Why would that happen? Vampires are usually badass and usually have bad tempers... that's a surefire way to piss off some people that could cause mass destruction.

But either way, I liked Alice and her feisty self. Noah was sexy, as male leads tend to be. Their romance was sweet, and I smiled a few times during it. Especially when Noah was caught drinking from a shampoo bottle.

Read this book if you want to turn off your brain, or have something to read while on the beach. It's definitely summer reading material.