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Knight & Play (Knight, #1) - Kitty French 4 Very Sexy-Yet-Oh-So-Wrong Stars!

“Come in, Ms. Black. I won’t bite.”
She walked across the room.
“… unless you want me to?” he murmured as an afterthought…”


I loved this book. Yes, I can imagine it would piss some people off - namely because of the adultery, but I still loved it.

The Story

Enter Sophie. She's looking for a new job to distract her from the state of her crumbling marriage. Her husband barely talks to her - and doesn't seem to want to be with her romantically. So, to mix things up, she decides to become a personal assistant to a rather intriguing man. A man who owns a company that specializes in sex. As she travels further into the his world, she discovers an attraction she cannot deny.

Seriously, Lucien:

This is a story about love, loss, honesty and of course, sex. Lots and lots of sex.


And beautiful men.


And the ending:

I had a few issues with it, which is why I couldn't give it four stars.

-Sophie gives in a little too easily, and believes too easily that her husband is cheating with no proof.
-Yeah, I don't care what anyone says, underwear is a good thing.
-Lucien is just a little too perfect.

I have no doubt there this a HEA in the future of this series.