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Love Unscripted - Tina Reber **3 Oh-the-mixed-feelings Stars!**

Our very long story begins in Rhode Island, with a girl named Taryn. She's just your humble bar owner/bartender. In this same town, a celebrity named Ryan is filming a new movie. And people just are freaking out about it. Our two main characters come into contact the first time, while Ryan is running away from rabid fangirls.

This is how I pictured the scene.

Anyways, Taryn doesn't give a crap that Ryan is a famous celebrity. She's never seen his movies and doesn't really understand why all these women are so psycho. So naturally the two are drawn together. This is a very very long story of their many trials and tribulations involved with a no name girl being involved with a super celebrity.

So besides the story being really long (I think I may have said that already), the characters went from being endearing to completely annoying. One moment I was really rooting for them, and then the next I wanted to throw the book in my garbage disposal.

Or throwing it out the window sounded like a good option sometimes.

Taryn starts out as a strong female character. She was witty, self-made, not star obsessed, and down to earth. As the story progressed, she becomes jealous, possessive, whiny, and judgmental. There are reasons for this, but still I only enjoyed her character in the first 50% of the book.

As for Ryan, he was kind of bland. Also way to possessive and paranoid. It did make me wonder if real celebrities develop complexes because they're too famous to go to the store to buy toothpaste. If anyone reading this review is famous, please share.

For the most part I enjoyed the story. The writing was a little simple, and I felt like things were repeated often, there were too many 'I love yous' and too much paranoia. The worst/best part of the novel for me was when Taryn lost her baby. That broke my heart, but it really made you feel more sympathy for both characters.

In summary, this is how I feel after finishing this story: