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Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins, #1) - Suzanne  Wright **4 Did Not Expect That Stars!**

From the description of the book, I kind of expected something like this:


What it really was:


Oh and...

Totally unexpected, and it reminds me why I love this author. It could have been terrible based on all the anime-like powers people had.

So here's the story: Sam is a new vampire, only turned about 3 years ago. Since then, she's been the consort of her sire - a real asshole. One day, she's approached by an older vampire with a proposition. She's given the opportunity to tryout for being part of a squad that defends the most important vampires in all the world. For some reason, all of the last squad have been annihilated.

And I guess everyone is okay about that.

So, she ultimately wants to get away from her shitty life, and decides to try out. She ultimately finds out that no female vampires have ever achieved this, nor have any from her particular kind of vampire. And there's a lot of sexist assholes who don't think she can do anything. They mostly all just want to bang her because she's got a lot of boob action going on.

But one thing they don't understand about Sam:

Take this quote for example: "I really would ask yourself if you like your eyes because if you finish that sentence there's a good chance I'll gouge them out."

but, don't forget...

She is extremely powerful, someone who can manipulate natural energy. But because of her gender, she has to continually prove herself. Especially to one particular asshole; Jared. He is her co-commander but decides that she's more suited to be his 4th consort.

But nah, he grows on you. And he's a good match for Sam.

This is an engaging book. If you liked Suzanne Wright's other series, starting with [b:Feral Sins|13522957|Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1)|Suzanne Wright|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1331458140s/13522957.jpg|19083644], you'll probably like this. Sam is not as funny as Taryn, but she's got some huge lady-balls. She doesn't take crap, and holds her ground against all those who think she can't do anything because she's a girl. And, oh the sexual tension.

This was just a great book, read it!